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Epithalamium of Matthaeus Andronicus Tragurinus in

László Szörényi 9 years ago - 28:33

Orator Apostolicus as Theoretician of War and

Novaković Darko 9 years ago - 29:56

Closing speech

Gábor Kecskeméti 9 years ago - 6:28

A Missed Encounter: Tranquillus Andronicus and

Lučin Bratislav 9 years ago - 19:47

Humanist Text in a Digital Age

Gábor Kecskeméti 9 years ago - 27:37

Exploring a Digital Collection of Neo-Latin

Jovanović Neven 9 years ago - 14:49


Boras Damir 9 years ago - 5:59


Jovanović Neven 9 years ago - 4:18

’An Incomparable War Leader in an Age without

Black Jonathan 9 years ago - 58:38