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Finno-ugric literature

Ouverture du colloque

Christophe Bouneau
Michel Figeac
François Cadilhon
Patrice Brun
11 years ago - 30:27

Genres et langues de correspondance en Hongrie aux

János Kalmár 11 years ago - 21:15

Il classicismo del Carducci e il decadentismo di

Péter Sárközy 12 years ago - 2:30

L’antichita risorta

Imre Madarász 12 years ago - 7:38

Arany e Omero

Dr. Zsigmond Ritoók 12 years ago - 5:27

Greek antiquity in tragical and comical contexts:

Bence Fehér 12 years ago - 09:48

Les Avant-gardes littéraires francaises,

Judit Karafiáth 12 years ago - 3:41

Presentation of the Book "L’eredità classica nella

Péter Sárközy
László Szörényi
12 years ago - 17:17

Canova, Ferenczy, Kazinczy

János Eisler 12 years ago - 14:02

Francis II Rákóczi and Elżbieta Sieniawska

François Cadilhon 12 years ago - 15:13


12 years ago - 49:56