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The Old and the New

The Old and the New (29)

Similarities and Contacts in Croatian and Hungarian Renaissance
A Croatian-Hungarian conference. Zagreb, November 21-23, 2012

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Jovanović Neven 9 years ago - 4:18


Szentesi Orsolya Žagar 9 years ago - 17:37


Boras Damir 9 years ago - 5:59

Orator Apostolicus as Theoretician of War and

Novaković Darko 9 years ago - 29:56

Humanist Text in a Digital Age

Gábor Kecskeméti 9 years ago - 27:37

Presentation of the Book "Meetings between two

Sándor Bene 9 years ago - 5:57

Presentation of the Book "Meetings between two

Damir Karbić
Pavličić Pavao
9 years ago - 28:33

An Argonaut Between Two Seas : Janus Pannonius

Jankovits László 9 years ago - 27:55

Manuscripts of Janus Pannonius and Zagreb

Ritoókné Szalay Ágnes 9 years ago - 22:52

The Peril at Parthenope

Szentmártoni Szabó Géza 9 years ago - 22:00

Ragusan Friars in Matthias Corvinus’ Humanistic

Seferović Relja 9 years ago - 15:38