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Nicolaus Olahus and His Humanist Network in the Low Countries


Nicolaus Olahus and His Humanist Network in the Low Countries

This paper focuses on the decade Nicolaus Olahus spent in the Low Countries (1531-1542),  his  initial  feelings,  and  his  connections  with  the  community  of humanists at the court and at the University of Louvain. The examination of his correspondence and his poems reveal more than twenty names of these friends and acquaintances, amongst whom Erasmus and several professors at the Louvain Collegium Trilingue, such as Rutger Rescius, Adrianus Amerotius, Conradus Goclenius and Petrus Nannius. Some relationships have been quite adequately studied already, as e.g. that between Olahus and Erasmus, or Olahus and Nannius, and hence will not be touched upon here. It is our aim to deal here with some lesser-known aspects of Olahus’s stay and with his relationship with a few lesser known humanists.

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Nemzetközi konferencia Oláh Miklós halálának 450. évfordulójára

History, Modern history, Literature, European literature

Gilbert Tournoy (lecturer)


15 January, 2018

Dr. Anna Újváriné Tüskés

16 January, 2018

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