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Tribute to Miklós Bethlen (1642 – 1716)

Tribute to Miklós Bethlen (1642 – 1716) (31)

Sources, Genres, and Scribal Habits of Early Modern Prison Literature

A felvilágosodás előzményei Erdélyben és

Mihály Balázs 8 years ago - 10:53


Gábor Kecskeméti 8 years ago - 35:35

Networks of Resistance

Dr. Thomas S. Freeman 8 years ago - 42:06

The Significance of Miklós Bethlen’s Political

József Jankovics 8 years ago - 54:35

Early Modern Prison and Literature

Zsombor Tóth 8 years ago - 41:01

The Klaniczay Prize Award Ceremony

Gábor Kecskeméti
Sándor Bene
8 years ago - 16:36

The Klaniczay Prize Award Ceremony

István Bitskey 8 years ago - 14:01

A Theology of Comfort

Herman Selderhuis 8 years ago - 20:35

Exiles of Christ

Vera Baronin von der Osten-Sacken 8 years ago - 23:47

Music, Persecution and the Freedom of the Soul

Hyun-Ah Kim 8 years ago - 22:35

Shackles and Glory

Ágnes Drosztmér 8 years ago - 19:51