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Nemzetközi konferencia Oláh Miklós halálának 450. évfordulójára

Opening of the Conference

Gábor Kecskeméti 6 years ago - 13:20

Vizekanzler, Kanzler, Erzkanzler

István Fazekas 6 years ago - 24:22

The Letters Patent (Grant of Barony) Issued to

Borbála Gulyás 6 years ago - 23:16

Editorial Procedures and Censorship

Emőke Rita Szilágyi 6 years ago - 16:17

Nicolaus Olahus and His Humanist Network in the

Gilbert Tournoy 6 years ago - 35:24

Self-Representation in Vienna around 1550

Gábor Kiss Farkas 6 years ago - 28:56

Die Bibliothek von Nicolaus Olahus

Edina Zvara
Dr. István Monok
6 years ago - 26:56

Nicolaus Olahus and the Processus Universalis, a

Cristina Neagu 6 years ago - 21:40

„ laudem et gloriam Dei optimi maximi”

Gábriel Szoliva 6 years ago - 18:33

Athila von Nicolaus Olahus als Quelle für die

László Szörényi 6 years ago - 30:04

Nicolaus Olahus’ Athila im älteren polnischen und

András Zoltán 6 years ago - 27:29

Closing Remarks

Emőke Rita Szilágyi 6 years ago - 4:11